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What do we offer?

Just hired, expatriated, transfered abroad or impatriated? Atlantic Expat Relocation supports you in your geographical mobility and helps you settle easely in your new life. We offer personalized services, from the search for accommodation (purchase or rental) to the coordination of your move and all the administrative formalities related to your and your familiy relocation.

Who are we ?

With 20 years of experience in international trade, in tourism and industry, I have been often travelling and moving for professional reasons. The desire to help other people in their mobility and to  welcome them in my region, my host country, pushed me to create Atlantic Expat Relocation. We want to provide quality services based on an expert market knowledge and a great knowledge of the region. Our team welcomes you and helps you in French, English, German and Dutch.
Our priority remains the human dimension of hospitality and conviviality. Our job concerns your entire family, taking into account the needs of all of you.

Mobility Assistance

L’aide mobili pass is a governmental grant that helps you financially to cover expenses you accumulates when you are relocating for a new job or a transfer. The cost of our service can be covered by the MOBILIPASS®. 

No matter where you come from,
we can help you !

Are you giving a new dimension to your professional life or a new turn in your studies? Are you having a professional transfer or a personal desire? Are you far away, in another region or another country? The needs of each member of your family are a priority for you? You are at the right place.

Let's talk about your project

Open the door, come in, and meet our team. Atlantic Expat Relocation is helping you to integrate quickly and easely your new job and give your famifly a  serene start in their new life